Things you should know about Fulani tribe

Actualité Pulaaku

The Fulani people live in several parts of Africa and are spread across almost twenty nations from the west to the east. See Things you should know about Fulani tribe:

1. The majority of them are Muslims: Islam became popular in West Africa in the 11th century and the Fulanis were converted at this time too. They now try to convert others as well.
2. They are the largest nomadic people in the world: Almost every Fulani person is nomadic, which makes them the largest group of such kind across the globe. They are available everywhere in Africa and depend mainly on their cattles and farming. They go about with a mobile house named Bukkaru.
3. The Fulani language is one of the most widely spoken in Africa: Fulani is an official language in Guinea, Nigeria, and Senegal and it is spoken in twenty other nations in Africa.