Senegal’s Stand: Interceptions Shape Migration Patterns


Senegal’s navy is reportedly stopping refugee boats at record rates, with 1,500 people transferred to local authorities since May, accounting for over 95% of all recorded interceptions in 2022. This increased action could serve as a model for other African countries, whose citizens now make up half of the top 10 origin countries for irregular refugee arrivals in Europe. Italy faces a surge in arrivals on its coasts, with over 5,000 people arriving on Lampedusa in one day.

The International Organization for Migration (IOM) spokesperson, Flavio Di Giacomo, says sub-Saharan African migrants fleeing Tunisia following a spike in racist attacks make up the bulk of the landings. More than 180,000 people have arrived in Europe this year, mostly via the West African Atlantic and Mediterranean sea routes, with over 2,000 dead or missing. The EU has publicized moves to partner with Senegal, including strengthening border controls with African countries and launching a 10-year migration action plan. Experts say a holistic approach to migration would have to be one where African countries act independently of the EU, which they say often puts its own interests first.