Report Of a Journey to The Home Village of Sheik Djibril Pathé Balde At Bantan Kilin In Senegal



This is a document that will continue to serve the faithful Muslims in general and the Nailulhouda community in particular.

This book aims to mark the date of the first edition which was February 24, 2023 in the native village of Sheik Djibril Pathe Balde in Bantan Kilin in Senegal.

The purpose of this document is to retrace the first edition of this ziarra and allow the future generation to remember this event.


I dedicate this humble document particularly To the Naïlul Houda family

Titled: Elhadj Sheik Saïd Omar Kebbeh (peace to his soul)

May GOD welcome him into his eternal paradise

I still dedicate it to my family, the one who will never stop serving as my compass.


I first praise OUR LORD who armed me with patience, gave me the faith and the strength to carry out this inauguration which will continue infinitely with future children.

I thank all the organizers of the first edition for having been kind before and during the religious ceremony.

I sincerely thank my three best advisers and also sages who are called: Thierno Mamoudou Jallow , residing in Nema Kunku, Thierno Abdoul Bah (peace to his soul) and Sheik Asan Sambou , residing in sallajie (sukuta), for their support, all the advice and all the prayers they kept giving me for years.

Finally, I thank from the bottom of my heart to all the talibés who helped me a lot by providing me with great ideas, financial aid and finally who gave their time for the realization of this first edition of the zierra.


It is with great pleasure that our high preacher Sheik Djibril Pathé Baldé began to organize an annual zierra on Saturday February 24, 2023 which was the first edition, in his native village in Bantan Kilin located northeast of the city of Kolda, which is about seventy five kilometers (75km) away.

We are happy to hear this news of the inauguration of the first edition in the native village of Sheik Djibril Pathé Baldé in this month of February 2023 in Bantan Kilin. We also met around a table to open a framework for dialogue by putting the points concerning the zierra and trying to debate on this theme in order to achieve a good result. As soon as we finished talking, we agreed on a contribution which cost a sum of D1000 each to rent a coach and pay the driver.

Otherwise, we have decided that anyone who is unable to pay will be supported by others with the financial means.

Following our departure on Friday, February 23, 2023, around 5 a.m. in Nema Kunku, at his home under the presence of a large crowd of men made up of elders and young talibés who set off in the direction of Kolda, his native region and precisely in Bantan Kilin.

First of all, we also divided into two large groups namely

  • The first group boarded a Mini-bus which has a brand: BJL 2612T, its driver is called Amadou Baldé. Very welcoming with its passengers.
  • The second group embarked on another Mini-bus which has a mark: BJL 3201Q, its driver is called Cissaho Camara. As welcoming as his friend from the first group

This is why we have chosen to mark the date of the first edition which is:

<< the journey to the native village of Sheik Djibril Pathé Baldé in Bantan Kilin in Senegal >>.

First of all in the first part, we will try to talk about the path taken to arrive at the village of SHEIK, the stop at Sinthian Thiaffé and the arrival at the village of Bantan Kilin. Then, in its second part, we will talk about the passage of the ceremony to the village mosque by the participants and the return of the delegation of Nailul Houda to the countries.


After finishing picking up passengers, we took the road to Latri-kunda, arriving at Latri-kunda we take the highway from Banjul to Yundum international airport and we continue to Brikama, for a few minutes of roads we arrived at the Jah oil station of Brikama and we go down there to practice the dawn prayer, after we have Nescafe and porridge for breakfast.

When we finish having breakfast, we also resume our journey towards kalladjie, after arriving at this place, we orient ourselves by sintate before going out to Gambia. As soon as we left Gambian territory and we entered Senegal around 9 a.m. crossing the village of Kandion, Saré Ndiaye, after Saré Ndiaye we went to the department of Bounkilin, and several other villages. For some time we arrived at the department of Carrefour Diarroumbé, we continue for the Carrefour Ndiaye, as soon as we arrive in this village, we continue directly until the roundabout of the village and we turn to the left to join the one that goes straight to Kolda. Suddenly, we reach another roundabout and we see a road. This is the road that leaves Sédio and crosses the village of Sitaba and continues.

From the start of Sitaba, we pass through several villages before going to the village of Dianamalary, then to Diannaba.

In a few moments we entered the city of Kolda around noon, over time, we find the delegation of Bourouko also en route for the same zierra. It is composed of two high personalities who are called Thierno Amadou Cissé at the same time as the chief of the village of Bourouko and Thierno Ismail Cissé, and who belong to the same family of Thierno Yahya Cissé of Madyana. Then we take the road to Diaobhé together and we cross several villages before reaching Témanto, after Témanto we continue directly to the rural community of Dabo, arrived at the center of Dabo we go straight to the exit of the city and we arrive in Sinthian Thiaffé around the afternoon.


We go down there to the close family of Sheik Djibril Pathé Baldé, there is even one of his aunts who lives there with a courageous family who are well loved, both very attached, in any case all the everyone is happy.

We also found a strong delegation from Guinea Bissau, it is made up of wise men and women and young talibés. It is divided into 26 men and 12 women, its total number is 38 people led by Thierno Mamadou Dian Diallo.

We were obviously surprised to see a vibrant welcome made by the family and its neighbors on the one hand. And the Caliph General took the floor to make a general presentation to all sides on the other hand. Thereafter, we also proceeded to the 2 p.m. prayer on site. After having finished praying, the Caliph Sheik Djibril Pathé Baldé orders a religious activity so that a reading of sura yassîne 72 times and other Names OF ALLAH to be recited as necessary. Finally, we rest for a while before resuming our journey.

As soon as Sinthian Thiaffé left for Bantan Kilin, we also went to Sinthian Maoudho at 4 p.m. and a few minutes, with his beautiful family, that is to say the parents of our aunt Zeinabou, they are proud and happy to see a strong delegation at them right now.

In the blink of an eye, we resumed our journey, taking the Fafakourou road for Bantan Kilin, there we did not delay and we continue for a short period of time we arrived at the village of Bantan Kilin around 5 p.m. and a few minutes and we walk about 500 meters from the village.


When we entered the home of his paternal uncle, whose name is Amadou Kandé, there was also a big surprise for the villagers. His uncle Amadou did not hide his feeling of joy, the same for the whole family, it was at this moment that he solemnly greeted the delegation that had come and that he informed you that you were leaving home and you come to your home, we all agree, together and united because of God and his prophet Mohammed (peace and salvation be upon him). He also added a brief thank you and to remember once and for all that he is available for any religious activity. In addition, we found that the Caliph Sheik Djibril Pathé Baldé is an orphan of father and mother. During the exchanges of words, Caliph Sheik Djibril Pathé Baldé made the same general presentation as Dabo. Everyone feels a great honor, which is why Thierno Daouda Faye and Mamadou Jallow cried and made others cry. From there, the caliph Sheik Djibril Pathé Baldé gave some reasons supposedly that he had everything he wanted in this world by: the grace, the wisdom, and the will of God that Elhadj Sheik Saïd Omar Kebbeh gave him everything. He begins by giving thanks to God, thanking the Prophet Mohammed and even thanking Elhadj Sheik Saïd Omar Kebbeh for having transmitted his entire mission.

This is why the crowd has been forced to abandon all social or other activities and come to attend this first religious ceremony that we have just started this year on the one hand and on the other hand to all those who have had the intention to come and the time does not allow them, the same for all those or all those who gave their moral support and financial help before and during the program, I thank them once and for all.

Finally, we left from group to group and we dine while also drinking tea, each group in its place.


The next morning, we start by having breakfast and walking from one side to the other before heading to the village mosque.

From 10:20 a.m., we also left home to go to the mosque, as soon as we arrived at this place, we saw that all the people were objectively interested in coming everywhere to attend this meeting, from a moment to the other the general caliphs from different sides come massively to the place. As soon as they arrive, Thierno Oumar Baldé gets up to convey the message to which the Caliph Sheik Djibril Pathé Baldé told him supposedly that he and his delegation did not lead the ceremony, we all remain behind you and we listen to you attentively. All related activities are in your hands.

In turn, they replied that they did indeed hear the message, but the program belongs to all of us, we have to meet around a table to designate the themes of the day, so that there is a smooth running of the first 2023 edition of the annual zierra. From there, everyone is in agreement and happy for this understanding.

Following our agreement, we also recite several NAMES OF ALLAH before starting the preaching expected in the hours that follow. Then, we return to the house of our Caliph Sheik Djibril Pathé Baldé to accompany him to the mosque at 11:20 a.m.

As soon as he arrived at the mosque, all the general caliphs ordered to do a reading of Surah Yassine 180 times and we finished at 1:30 p.m.

After the reading of surah Yassine there was the intervention of different Thierno coming from different countries in the following order:

  • Thierno Hammadou Baldé said (Niamadjo ) from Guinea Bissau took the floor to introduce himself and greet each other with the faithful Muslims and Muslims who came massively everywhere from neighboring countries. This man came with great luminous dynamism because he was born with this gift. It begins with the unique sovereign word to which the Prophet Muhammad (peace and salvation be upon him) received from the beginning of his existence, he lived with that for a long time called the GOOD GOD, it is through this word that he knew his CREATOR and his creation until the age of prophetism, this word is “LÀ ÎLLAHA ÎLLALÀ HOU MOHAMMADA-R ASOUH LOULAYE “.
  • Thierno Hammadou Baldé dit (Niamadjo) comes back to say anyone who has the habit of reciting this word is always at risk of becoming a high personality and will never change as long as they are on the right path, so that’s why it guarantees the man in the place that she is, she is very useful in guaranteeing social life.


  • Thierno Dawda Faye coming from Gambia precisely to Nema Kunku succeeded the first speaker on his part, he begins by showing them that if you see that today the Gambian, the Guinean, the Senegalese and others are the same father and mother, they are all together, they get along, they help each other in the social context. It is through the learning discovery of the realities of this word that underlies everything you see here.

Thereafter, he made known to the audience that anyone who stops to read and write this sovereign word and you fail to approach the sages in a confidential place to know the content of this secret, you risks of speaking true or false because going in the forbidden direction is easy for you. It is necessary to learn the secret to know how to do and know how to be in the social environment. For a long time, the Arabs and the whites held this secret, it is the secret there which values Mecca and Medina since the world is world on the one hand and on the other hand the whites seized its contents from dawn time, it is through their understanding that they created the 24 hours by dividing into two parts: the day 12 hours and the night 12 hours, and so on.

From the birth of the world, when ALLAH created the souls at the time, HE authorized each soul to say << ALASTE BIRRABI KOUM GHALOUH BALLAH >> any soul who fails to say this word, it will not live or she won’t see her matter. It is in this context that the GOOD GOD has arranged all the souls in many different packages, this is what has made the good reunions and the bad reunions depend on their separation in the past but in our opinion we wish that once and for all there will be a good reunion. We took a break for the 2 p.m. prayer.

At the end of the 2 p.m. prayer, he resumed his preaching in the direction of enlightening and giving specific examples allowing the audience to have a good understanding of this theme.

In the course of this intervention, it is Thierno Oumar Baldé who returns very actively to thank and deeply appreciate the intervention of his previous comrades by asking questions on the side of Sharia, saying that there is great manipulation within the Muslim community. … ……..

Whose fault is it ?                   Is it our fault?             Or is it GOD to blame?

Because we readers of the Holy Quran always have problems. Or It’s THE GOOD GOD who lied in his Koranic book. In my opinion, it is so much to make a beautiful justification before it is late.

And if we continue to live theoretically, that is to say learn to read and write only without approaching the sages who hold the ” Truth ” or ” Maârifatou Billaye ” to discover this down to earth, it will not be easy to know neither the SUPREME CHIEF, nor the Prophet Muhammad (peace and salvation be upon him), nor himself, nor the rest of the world. If you believe that it is in the beyond that you are going to know that, you were disobedient and you will be ashamed to see on your mortal television everything you have worked on has become unacceptable. You were much more suspicious before the date arrived. Sharia plays an important role in social life not only it allows us to communicate better but also reading and social behavior. So much disc the Maârifatou Billaye facilitates us to discover very far the origins and the realities of the Human Being, of the sky, the earth, the water, the trees, etc…

During the 23 years of prophetism of Muhammad IL called his entourage in a very mysterious place to teach this secret but before starting he got used to asking if there are no strangers between us. Otherwise anyone who refused or challenged will be a disbeliever and it continues to this day. We wish THAT THE ALMIGHTY to grant our prayers, our charities and our forgiveness to be able to win the high paradise.

The speaker pointed well to the case of Fouladou, here too he clearly told the inhabitants of Fouladou that we have a historical problem since the time of our ancestors until our days it continues this problem is that all our former general caliphs had a lot of knowledge (Maârifatou Billaye) and to let those around you know whether it was sons, talibés or others, this secret had become difficult or you did not have this authorization, but only to teach them the theory (read and write). But this time, that’s not the case. The GOOD GOD pardoned us a high personality and this man made the decision to work with you now, His Excellency SHEIK DJIBRIL PATHÉ BALDÉ. Besides, that’s a great chance for this country.

Although the gathering of everyone has many difficulties but it costs us dearly for this “Gathering”. He hasn’t invented anything new, but He is completely fascinated by the idea of the “resemblance of children to fathers” of a “seminal propagation” which not only ensures the continuation of life but the transmission of the person’s culture and identity.

This is why the Qualife wants to come very respectfully to you to initiate this religious ceremony in February 2023, which was the first edition. So, it is very important to pay tribute to our former parents and also to bless our future children in the best conditions.

– The turn of the fourth speaker in the occurrence of Sheik Djibril Pathé Baldé who came to introduce himself and to thank at the same time as all the faithful of the world, even more so than the participants of this religious ceremony. He began to thank and honor through his uncle Amadou Kandé for his courage, his will and his love of this organization at the same time as the village chief in the same way as for the whole village of Bantan Kilin.

The caliph also thanked the three other speakers and he informed the audience that all the explanations they made were good analyses, but remember once and for all that you revolve around a single point, which all your explanations are not far from you, all are with you. Thus, he made corrections in an efficient manner before moving on.

He also thanked the government delegation, which did not hide its feeling of joy from the participants. He made known that one of his government members originated from the family. During the exchange of words, the government delegation said that the village of Bantan Kilin has a great chance because the town hall of the commune of Dabo has just received two machines in Moulins. These machines are shared between two villages. It is in this sense that the village of Bantan Kilin benefited from a machine and it does not stop there, we continue to make the development as quickly as possible please the GOOD GOD, always be united and patient. Finally, we thank you very much.

He also thanked his Master at the Koranic school who has taught many talibés for years until today when we are, to his Excellency SHEIK BAKARY BALDÉ, a very respectful and talented sage. Then SHEIK DJIBRIL PATHÉ BALDÉ said clearly and aloud where he started to learn from his master there, it was from surah fajîr until the time they separated at the time and he only learned a read and write no others.

Indeed, it is simply to tell you that what I have today does not come from here, it comes from Gambia, what I searched for for years until I met a great personality. , a courageous, dynamic and very welcoming person who has lived all his time to install light in the hearts of people, in other words a person who has plugged his light rays into the world as the sun has plugged his solar rays into this world in Elhadj Sheik Said Omar Kebbeh who gave him everything, nothing was missing. I thanked him once and for all for his good transmission of the well-completed message.

This is why I prayed at all times to THE ALMIGHTY to pay him and his family to his high paradise and that will never cease greater ever.

When the caliph Sheik Djibril Pathé Baldé came on the case of Fouladou he began by himself to say that he had concerns about discovering this thing to you which is very useful to all of us and if we consider that going to Mecca and Medina is very important, it is knowing the origins and the value of these places that is necessary. Since antiquity until our days, as all our former general caliphs had not called their entourages to operate or install the light in their hearts, this is what caused there to always be darkness or big forest between people.

The thing there does not belong to anyone, it is only a question of giving to whoever wants, because of God and his prophet Muhammad (peace and salvation be upon him) not for sale we must not sell the NAME D ‘ALLAH, the greatest and dearest of all the other NAMES OF ALLAH.

Then we will listen and watch to understand things, because no one can say that she saw or found the Prophet Muhammad (peace and salvation be upon him) taught anything other than the secret. He absolutely taught that secret, and that’s very broad because the creature program is in there. It is within this framework there by the grace and the power of God that he could transmit his message to any living being.

Nowadays, can a reader of the Holy Quran convey a message to a cow, a goat or other animals, that is impossible not only are we not honest, intelligent, courageous, clean and have the love of one and the other but also to learn this secret near the sages in a very calm place, as the prophet did in his time, we do not do it, because the money is necessary, we do not forget that the SUPREME CHIEF has all. We are here to tire ourselves for nothing but suffering.

But what deceives us most often is that there are always people or groups of people everywhere who manipulate their entourages by contesting the Maârifatou Billaye, until they manage to say the secret does not exist, so everyone has her secret, she does not show her secret to anyone; how can you say that there is no secret? It’s a way of manipulating us.

However, there is also a wise man who came actively to witness certain historical facts of Sheik Djibril Pathé Baldé at the time, supposedly saying that he was a seller between Gambia, Senegal and Guinea Bissau, he was leaving Batan Kilin for Gambia precisely in Gambia Sarra by bicycle or by cart to buy goods but there is a long distance, he had as usual to go to the wise man. The sage had given evidence of everything he knows about Sheik Djibril Pathé Baldé until he even managed to cry publicly, the sage is called MALLAN KONDJIRA , he lives in Fode Bayo.

In summarizing, Sheik Djibril Pathé Baladé would read many parts or a few surahs of the Quran with a detailed explanation to attract each other’s attention for a long time in order to achieve a good understanding among the participants.

Finally, the sages ordered to make the blessing for the participants and everywhere in the world, we continue our sacrifices and our prayers to ask forgiveness at all times the SUPREME CHIEF to grant us a salty welcome in his eternal paradise.

At the end of the blessing, we returned home, accompanying Caliph Sheik Djibril Pathé Baldé around 4:30 p.m.



As soon as we got back, we decided to pay homage to the two brothers closest to Caliph Salifu Balde and Mourlaye Balde, gathered in the same hut to welcome their talibés. We arrived from one moment to the next. Besides, they did not hide their feeling of joy, the same for the whole family and in the end we say goodbye to everyone.

For some time back, the Bissau Guineans decided to come very respectfully to Sheik Djibril Pathé Baldé to take permission to return home and they agreed, after they said to each other to see each other again. another before leaving at 6:30 p.m.


The two delegations remained in their places to spend the night, we had dinner before going to bed, the next day at 5 am, we left Bantan Kilin for the city of Kolda, after having arrived at downtown Kolda, we found that the road is blocked by the authority and we prayed the dawn prayer around 6:20.

Then, as soon as the dam opened, we resumed our course a few kilometers from the city, we saw one of the wheels of our Mini-bus is deflated, we went down to a repairer to adjust and take the small lunch at the same time. At the end of the regulation, we continue as fast as possible for the border between Senegal and Gambia.

From the border, we entered through the village of sintate at 12 p.m., in a few minutes we arrived in kalladjie and we continue for the village of Mandinaba our sage who is called Thierno Faye was going down there for his village next to Giboro. Arrived in the city center of Brikama Ebrima Dem went down there also for his village, after we continue to Busumbala our wise Thierno Mamadou Djouhe Diallo went down for his home and we resumed our course but each time another person went down on the way to Nema Kunku at the place of residence of Sheik Djibril Pathé Baldé around 3:00 p.m. and a few minutes.


The importance of this zierra is no longer primarily about the salvation of the soul in another world which will be infinitely better than this world below, but about the perpetuation of the glory of the human being in the memory of his posterity, which is not without considerable displacement in his new world.

From the beginning of the creation of the world, GOD is thanked for having endowed “human nature” with the capacity to acquire “kind of immortality” “in a mortal state”. Far from concealing the paradox, the sovereign word reveals it by clearly playing on the mortal and immortal opposition. This part goes so far as to say that thus is remitted from the original sin of man. A little further on, in his message, he admits the necessity of divine grace to draw man out of sin but, an additional paradox, this grace also intervenes in the course of life to make “conversation” man something worth preserving in this world. The fundamental idea is therefore that of a perpetuation of being by generation.

The gathering did not invent anything, but it is completely fascinated by this idea of the “resemblance of children to fathers” of a “seminal propagation” which not only ensures the continuation of life, but the transmission of the person’s culture and identity.


This document was written by Bubacarr Jallow Professor of French outgoing from Gambia College French department promotion 2022.

Member of the Executive Board of Daa – ira No: 25 of Nema kunku.

contact: 00220 3787856      Email:


Preparation and layout of the document by Alpha O Jallow, information operator residing in Mariama kunda

Contact: 002203294583      Email:

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