Economic Crisis: Declining Wages Plague Nigeria's Public Sector

Economic Crisis: Declining Wages Plague Nigeria’s Public Sector


Nigerian public sector workers, including Yusuf Mogaji, are facing a decline in wages due to rising inflation and decreased government revenue. The country has experienced two recessions since 2015, and its economy has been severely impacted by global oil prices, the COVID-19 pandemic, and Russia’s ongoing war in Ukraine. The government is struggling to meet basic responsibilities due to its debt servicing accounting for at least 73.5 percent of its revenue.

Inflation is currently at an 18-year high at 26% in Nigeria, and the Nigeria Labour Congress has threatened to shut down the economy in protest. The minimum wage currently stands at 33,000 naira ($39.40), and the government has compromised by opting for an additional 35,000 naira ($41.79) wage award for six months. Experts argue that salary increases cannot materialize due to Africa’s broken economy. The government may have missed the window for introducing safety nets, suggesting low-hanging fruit targets like food and energy sources to address the most affected.