Unity in Diversity: President Dem’s Call for Fula Community Cohesion


The president of Tabital Pulaagu-The Gambia, Alhagie Seedy Dem, has reaffirmed his call for unity among the Fula community, expressing his commitment to strengthen relations and strengthen relations within the community. He spoke at a presser in Kanifing, highlighting the upcoming congress of the Fula associations (Tabial Pulagu) from December 29th to 30th, 2023.

Dem clarified rumors about the legal recognition of Tabital Pulaagu and the need for a congress. He acknowledged that there had been misunderstandings that hindered the development of Tabital Pulaagu before his leadership, and that there is no interest in division or separation. He stressed the importance of peace and unity, calling for more unity at the district level for progress. Dem also discussed the ongoing work ahead of the December congress and urged the Fula community to remain united for further development.