Adama Barrow

The President has launched a smart farming project with the aim of promoting efficient agricultural production.


Gambia’s President Adama Barrow has launched the country’s first government-led smart farming project, aiming to transform the agricultural sector. The project, attended by senior government functionaries, agricultural workers, and farming community members, aims to decrease youth unemployment and contribute to increased GDP and foreign exchange earnings. Barrow stressed the importance of mutually beneficial partnerships and the urgent need to translate his plans into concrete action. He also expressed pride in the country’s successes over the last six years, including the construction of over 1,000 kilometers of roads and bridges, energy projects, health sector investments, and reform and restructuring agenda developments.



In response to global economic uncertainty, rising instability, rising commodity prices, and climate change effects, Barrow called for a redefinement of priorities, investments, and interventions. The project will be implemented by the National Food Security, Processing and Marketing Corporation (NFSPMC) in partnership with TIJMS Trading International Joint Venture. The government is committed to achieving food security goals in the short and medium term, with support from agriculture and finance ministries. The multi-million-euro project is expected to improve the capacity of the people in an essential industry and will not be held back in its commercial success.