Ghana: About 400 cattle belonging to Fulani herdsmen have been senselessly decimated in the area of Gbangbil Kura.


Immediatel Press Release To All Media House

By Tabitaal Pulaaku International- Ghana Chapter

Good afternoon and asalam walaikum my brothers and sisters of the press. It is very unfortunate and disheartening to be meeting you like this once more because of the intensity of happenings which will affect the security of this honorable state.

Not too long ago, We had the displeasure of addressing a similar issue in Kintampa in the Bono East Region and today it’s Bimbilla in the Northern Region.
It’s for the interest of all, ladies and gentlemen of the press to organize to platform to rather tell you what is happening which is a security threat than to reply with equal measure.

Ladies and gentlemen, Corroborated report reaching us indicate that about 400 cattle belonging to Fulani herdsmen in the area, particularly Gbangbil Kura have been senselessly decimated.

We were told two boys , one Fulani and a Komkomba fought and in process sustained injuries.

In his apparent desire for retribution, the Kokomba boy misinformed his compatriots that he had been butchered by the Fulanis which is totally false.

A very absurd claim that should’ve been easily been verifiable, but the Komkombas launched all out attack on the Fulanis.

And as we speak ladies and gentlemen of the press, about 250,000 cedis worth of property have been destroyed with over 100 cattles missing or stolen and others were slaughtered and the meat sold openly to chop bars and butchers.

It is despicable, outrageous, criminal and tantamount to pillaging.
We are calling on the security personnel once again to act swiftly to save lives since we live in a confines of the law and we do not want to put it in our own hands.
The situation could quickly degenerate into uncontrollable proportions because it’s getting out of hands but as peace loving people, we urge all Fulanis to exercise restraint and allow the authorities to do their work and there should be no reprisal.
We want peace, We are one people, one nation with a common destiny. We must eschew tribalism and pettiness.
We plead with Nadmo and other charitable organizations to come to the aid of our people and help make living easy for them.

We are pleading with regional security council to act swiftly to forestall any further encumbrances.

Though we are for peace, ladies and gentlemen of the press we can also bite because we tired of the countless attack on our people without any proper punishment or prosecution to the perpetrators.

We call on the office of the President Nana Addo Dankwah Akufo Addo, Vice President Dr Mahamudu Bawumia, the office of the second lady Her Excellency Samira Bawumia, the Minister of Justice and all the security agencies to help bring peace since that is what we are noted for.

Thank you for your attention. God bless our homeland Ghana and make her great and strong. Asalam Walaikum.