Ambazonia’s Struggle for Independence: Egbekaw Attack Fallout


In a morning attack in the western region of Cameroon, anglophone separatists have claimed the lives of at least twenty and injured ten more. The attack occurred in the village of Egbekaw, a Mamfe neighborhood, setting houses on fire and killing men, women, and children as they slept. English-speaking separatists have been fighting to establish an independent state called Ambazonia since 2017. Security forces are searching for the area, and 23 people have been killed and 15 houses burned. The attack occurred after decades of grievances over perceived discrimination by the Francophone majority. The conflict between Cameroon’s armed forces and Ambazonian separatist rebel groups has claimed over 6,000 victims. Human rights group Amnesty International has criticized both government troops and militias for the killings, rapes, torture, and burning of houses in English-speaking regions.