Tabital Pulaaku Youth Wing Launched in The Gambia

Actualité Pulaaku

Tabital Pulaaku-The Gambia, an organization dedicated to preserving Fula culture and traditional values, has launched its first-ever youth wing in Marakisa-Fula Kunda village. This initiative is part of Tabital Pulaaku International’s efforts to unite Fulas across Africa and around the world.

Keita Saidy, the president of the Sukabeh Fulbeh Tabital Pulaaku Youth Wing-The Gambia, stated that their immediate plans include a nationwide tour to establish sub-committees in each region. These sub-committees will mobilize and advocate for Fula youth, promoting unity and discouraging tribal hatred.

The youth wing aims to ensure that Fula youth in urban areas embrace their language, culture, and understand each other’s challenges. They emphasize the importance of preserving cultural values and fostering a sense of togetherness among young people.

Abdoulie Jallow, the Secretary General of the youth wing, highlighted the need for youth involvement in promoting the welfare of all Fulas in the country, regardless of political affiliations. He stressed that the national Tabital Pulaaku cannot achieve its goals without youth participation and support.

The new executive body of the Tabital Pulaaku Youth Wing-Gambia includes Kaita Saidy as President, Mariama Sowe as Vice President, Abdoulie Jallow as Secretary General, Sannah Jallow as Youth Mobilizer, Musa F. Ceesay as Assistant Youth Mobilizer, Yero Jallow as Organizer, Musa Camara as Treasurer, and Gibbie Baldeh as Public Relations Officer.