Niger upset allies

Niger upset allies call for French diplomat, troops to leave country.


A large number of people have mobilized in the Nigerien capital, Niamey, to ask the France to withdraw its representative and troops from the West African country, while the new military leaders accuse the former leader of the Niger pilgrims of being at the origin of the “impediment”.

The protesters gathered near a base housing French officers after an appeal by some municipal associations threatening the French military presence. They waved flags declaring: “French armed force, leave our country”.

Niger’s tactical government, which remained in power on July 26, blamed French President Emmanuel Macron for expressing himself disruptively in his remarks about the upheaval and attempting to impose a neo-colonial relationship with his former state.

Mr Macron supported the expelled President Mohamed Bazoum and would not perceive the new leaders. Sylvain Itte, the France’s envoy, remained in Niger despite a 48-hour deadline to leave the country, set seven days earlier, a choice Macron said he “applauded”.

Macron said Friday he had spoken daily with Bazoum since he was removed from power.

“We support him. We do not perceive the individuals who carried out the putsch. The choices we make, whatever they may be, will be based on exchanges with Bazoum,” Macron said.

The Sahel country is also entangled in a stalemate with the Financial Grouping of West African States (ECOWAS). The local alliance has taken steps to intervene militarily if the strategy does not restore Bazoum to his position.

On Monday, Macron said: “I address each of the states: ‘I address all the states in the region to adopt a reliable strategy.’