Former Opposition Leader Mamadou Oury Bah Appointed Prime Minister in Guinea

Former Opposition Leader Mamadou Oury Bah Appointed Prime Minister in Guinea


Mamadou Oury Bah, a former opposition leader in Guinea, has been appointed as the country’s new prime minister by the military junta. This decision comes in the wake of the junta’s dissolution of the government just a week ago.

Bah, also known as Bah Oury, has been a prominent figure in Guinean politics for decades. He founded the Union of Democratic Forces of Guinea (UFDG) in 1991 and later led the Union of Democrats for the Rebirth of Guinea (UDRG) party after being expelled from UFDG.

Having served as minister of national reconciliation in a consensus government in 2007, Bah brings a wealth of political experience to his new role. Despite spending four years in exile in France due to his alleged involvement in a 2011 attack on President Alpha Condé’s home, Bah returned to Guinea in 2016 after being pardoned by the president.

In his new position, Bah faces the challenge of forming a new government and addressing the economic hardships facing many Guineans. Trade unions have been demanding lower food prices as the cost of living continues to rise.

Bah has called on the unions to end their strike and work together to gradually tackle the country’s challenges. His appointment comes amid growing dissatisfaction with the junta, which seized power in September 2021.

Guinea is set to hold elections in 10 months to regain democratic rule, marking the end of the 24-month transition period established by the junta and Ecowas. Many Guineans are hopeful that Bah’s political experience will help resolve the ongoing political and economic crises in the country.