Sukuta-Jabang Shooting

Cassamance Rebel Link Revealed in Sukuta-Jabang Shooting


The national security adviser, Abubakarr S. Jeng, has revealed that the suspect in the Sukuta-Jabang Traffic Lights shooting claimed to be a “rebel” who fought in the Cassamance rebellion. Jeng stated that the gun was obtained during the Cassamance rebellion. Six persons of interest are currently in police custody, with investigators focusing on determining the motive of the crime.
The crime scene was well managed, and a team will conduct reconstruction to determine key circumstances. Deputy Inspector General Momodou Sowe of the Gambia Police Force stated that the suspect has no connection to any security institution in the country and has significant leads in their investigation. The minister of Interior, Seyaka Sonko, advised the public not to share information they know nothing about, as it might distract police investigators.

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