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Fulɓe/Fulas are scattered across Africa, from the Atlantic coast to the banks of the Nile in Sudan and Egypt. In some countries, they are the majority. In others, they are minorities, or they are secluded among others. Despite their dissemination and the extent of the areas they inhabit, the Fulɓe have homogeneous characteristics: a common ethno genesis; a single language, Fulfulde. They also have Pulaaku in common. Pulaaku is indisputably the most significant characteristics of Fulbè because it better expresses the Fulas’ peculiarity which cares for self-awareness, very keen and unanimously shared within the Fula world, to have their own values, an uncompromising distinctive nature. This awareness of a common identity, this certainty of identity, we must say, do fulbè designate through this concept in which they situate themselves by making a comparison with the other populations and also making difference with them: Pulaaku designates at the same time the Whole Fula Community and a complex system of social rules with standard functions, in all the fula communities at any areas.

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